Мост через океан / The Brige over the Ocean Евгений Поспелов

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Every day hundreds of container ships enter and leave U. But navigating in and out is tricky business. With shallow waters, ship traffic, and bridges — Ports can be a real obstacle course. How does a huge ship actually fit under a bridge? Ships have gotten much bigger over time. Now deeper and taller, hitting the bottom of bridges is an emerging safety issue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge. National Register of Historic Places.

Retrieved 27 August Drive the Broadway of America! Pages 94 and Route 80 The Dixie Overland Highway". Retrieved 1 September And even if we could come up with plans to build a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean, the most expensive building in the world is about a billion USD.

So a transatlantic bridge?!! I did some calculations for a bridge from Australia to New Zealand and it would cost over billion dollars just for the pillars. I just averaged it with other bridges built these days. This Site Might Help You. Ocean too deep for supports Spreading plates mid-atlantic ridge Rough seas Not cost effective possibly trillions of dollars to build and billions in upkeep.

Is it better than flying? In addition to the objections that everyone else has put forward I have one more: The Atlantic is widening at a rate of about 2. A tunnel under the ocean that supports trains and vehicles would be more efficient But then again, the continents are drifting an inch or more every 2 years I think. I had the same idea.. Everyone laughed at me too.. Sources say the accident happened on the Hwy 90 and Washington Avenue intersection.

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